North Texas 3v3 Soccer Development Program

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         WELCOME TO THE North Texas 3v3 Soccer Development program (3v3 D.P.)


“3v3 Soccer is used to enhance the basic 1v1 soccer development while using your 2nd and 3rd attacker/defender.  The idea is to maintain a supporting shape with 3 players (Triangle) while allowing the ball to do the ‘work’ and creating easy scoring opportunities.  The concepts of 1st defender pressure, 2nd defender support and 3rd defender balance will help to win the ball from the opponent and triangle passing will help create the scoring chances by creating 1v1’s and 2v1’s.  The concepts will help the kids use triangles and keep shape when playing on a bigger field and better understand the ideas of support and balance.  I’m a big believer that the kids will learn through the game and the 3v3 game will create a ton of touches on the ball.  The teams that have technical players that can win 1v1 battles will do well.  Teams that have technical players that can win 1v1 battles AND understand support and balance will have great success.  My goal is to develop those ideas in the kids.”


Aaron Duca – 4 time Kick-It 3v3 World Champion coach - gold divisions ( '05, ’06, ’07, '10 - co champ)



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